State of the Garden

My second planting of green beans, this time a full row, is now producing a nice  crop despite plenty of insect damage to the foliage. Next year, I am definitely planting more green beans and will probably do two plantings.  I’ve got about 2 lbs of beans to blanch and freeze right now.

Voles (I think) were causing a great deal of damage to my carrots, so I harvested and juiced the entire crop.  I think it is voles that also caused most of my tomato plants to die. When I pulled up the dead plants, there were hardly any roots attached. Not cool.  I don’t know what to do about voles.

So, all I’ve got growing right now are green beans,  serrano peppers, herbs, and chard.  And the ever-present horseradish. I’m looking forward to mid-August when I will till under the current garden and start planting for fall.


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  1. Good stuff


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