Personal Cabbage

Our mini-cabbages were predicted to be ready for harvest on May 18th. We took the row cover off of our 4 cabbage plants to see what we had. The row cover did an excellent job of keeping the insects off the cabbages. It did nothing to stop slugs.  Two of the cabbage plants have no center head, they had been eaten clean away.  One has a very small head and one had a head slightly larger than a baseball.  We picked it and I turned it into the perfect amount of coleslaw for 2 people.   It was delicious, I just wish I had more.

My cucumber seeds sprouted and then the sprouts disappeared.  My green beans have sprouted. They have some insect damage; I need to get out there with some insecticidal soap.  I also need to plant more seeds so that I can have a staggered crop.

I have now learned that radish plants make great hosts for flea beetles. I don’t think I’ll plant radishes in the future. My tomato plants now have extensive flea beetle damage.

Most of my garlic died but I do have a few left with scapes ready to harvest.

The carpet bombing of seeds worked well. I have a row leafy greens that look great. My strawberries are producing a bumper crop. I have one or two small green tomatoes.  I’ve got a nice crop of carrots coming up and the dill looks great. Horseradish is taking over the plot and becoming a nuisance.

I wish I had more time to spend in the garden; I feel like if I could be more attentive and get out there every day I would be more successful.


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