Tomato Planting Time

It looks like most everything that I planted back in March is sprouting! Today we harvested 2 tiny radishes.  Lots of lettuces and herbs have sprouted and are now an inch or two tall. Carrots have sprouted and are about an inch high as is dill.  This carpet bombing approach just might work after all.  The cabbage plants that I put in needed some nitrogen fertilizer a couple of weeks ago.  Now they are looking pretty good under the row cover. I may very well have cabbages in May.  The row of strawberry plants is flowering and I spied one green fruit. So far, my only problem seems to be that some of my garlic is dying off. I hope the rest hold on.

Today I planted 6 tomato plants, 2 each of Champion (a slicer), Roma, and Sweet 100s (cherry).  I also put in a few anemic looking plants that I started from seed including salsify, Chinese cabbage, and kohlrabi. I planted just a few seeds for cucumbers and green beans.  I gave all of the sprouts of leafy greens and herbs some high nitrogen fertilizer.

I need to find me some hot pepper plants, there weren’t any at the Garden Center yesterday when I picked up the tomatoes.


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