Carpet bombing seeds

Yesterday afternoon we went to Home Depot and rented the smallest garden tiller they have at a cost of $30.  Steve got the garden tilled in about 10 minutes and now our soil looks like what you see in fancy gardening magazines.  It’s beautiful.

Today we planted! I set out 6 mini cabbage plants that are supposed to be ready to harvest in 45 days.  I will let you know if I have cabbages on Saturday, May 18th.  We covered the plants with some row cover to try and protect them from the bugs.  Cabbage is like candy to garden pests.

Though I have had a difficult time starting anything from seed in the past, I have not let that deter me from trying again.  This time  I’m trying a different approach.  Usually, I carefully open the seed envelope and place the seeds in the soil one at a time at the spacing recommended on the package.  This time, I ripped open the envelopes, dumped them into a container, mixed all of the different seeds together, and just tossed them on the ground.  I tamped a little soil on top of them and watered.  We’ll see if I get a carpet of salad fixings in a few weeks.  I mixed together seeds for spinach, chard, lettuces, tarragon, parsley, radishes, basil, and probably some others that I’m forgetting.  In addition I planted a separate patch of dill seeds and another patch of mixed carrot seeds that I had soaked over night.  I have had good results with carrots planted in the fall but my spring carrots have always failed. I’m hoping that the seed soaking will help.

We also put out our cages where the tomatoes and peppers will go in about a month.


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