Finally, in my third (?) year of gardening, I can say that I have successfully grown tomatoes.  I think I brought home about 5 lbs of tomatoes this morning!  Things I did differently this year include:

1. Not caring.  I knew I was going on vacation and things would be neglected but I planted some tomatoes anyway.

2. Went on vacation for 3 weeks.  Tiffany and/or Walter watered for us (THANKS).

3. Pruned tomato branches severely when planting.  I also pinched off any suckers I could identify before we left town.

That’s it! I have a ridiculous abundance of tomatoes.  I don’t even know what varieties they are.  We even have a volunteer cherry tomato plant that is producing.  (Thanks to previous plot holders Trey and Amanda).

5 lbs of tomatoes


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  1. I knew a woman in Salinas, CA, who dry-farmed tomatoes. So I typically think twice before watering my tomatoes. Of course, our climate differs from Salinas WRT temp, but even so, I think they must not need a lot of water, or have good access, b/c really, I think they just don’t need to be watered that much in order to do well. Anyhoo. I’m happy for you and all of your pounds of tomatoes!


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