Early spring weather means lots of insects

The radish seeds that I planted a couple of weeks ago have sprouted and the leaves are all chewed on already! Some of my Swiss chard and Brussels sprouts have insect damage too. I dug out my organic insecticidal soap and started spraying.  I’ll probably have to get out the row cover and cover everything again. The spinach, kale, and strawberries look fine.   I may have seen a carrot sprout and a couple of broccoli sprouts. Hard to tell, they could be weeds.

I planted three varieties of carrot seeds today as well as bok choy, salsify, and celeriac.  I have no idea what I’ll do with those last two if they grow. I’ve never grown or eaten them before.

I had good luck with the way I planted carrots last fall, so I’m trying that method again.  We have hilled up soil to create rows in the plot.  I took a large square shovel and plunged it into the center of the row. I wiggled it back and forth to make a narrow trench, a good 8 inches deep, all down the center of the row.  I filled the trench with top soil, watered it, laid down the seed tapes that I made, covered with a small amount of top soil, and watered again.   The purpose of the top soil-filled trench is to give the carrots a light medium in which to grow that won’t impede the development of the root.  Carrots like the soil nice and loose. Fred’s has 1 cubic foot bags of top soil on sale, 3 for $5.


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