Fall Carrots

Carrots seem to take a while to develop to maturity.  We planted seeds about 10 weeks ago.  The green tops of the carrots are now 5-6 inches tall.  They were getting crowded, so I pulled some to thin them out.   CarrotsThe carrots I  pulled were still small, but big enough to eat! They were really good and sweet. I can’t wait until I’ve got some full size carrots to try.  They didn’t seem to be bothered in the least by the freezing temperatures we had last week.  Carrots are definitely going to be planted again next fall.

My one Brussels sprouts plant has produced a few sprouts.  We picked a handful that were about half the size of the sprouts you get at the grocery store. I roasted them with olive oil and topped with a little parmesan cheese. Wow, they were good. This was another plant that seemed unfazed by the freeze.

The broccoli, kale, and spinach are all doing well though growth seems to have slowed a bit with the colder temperatures.  The chard leaves died with the freeze, but new ones seem to be sprouting.  Garlic is growing along.  For some reason, the garlic had a ton of small weeds growing with it.  Weeding was very aromatic!


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