What I’ve been doing with my garden produce.

We’ve had a relatively productive summer in spite of the hordes of insects and the tomatoes’ mystery illness. We are STILL eating chard and harvesting tomatoes.  I’ve been turning small amounts of lemongrass into tea but it hasn’t made a dent in the size of the plant.  I’ve harvested most of our onions.  Wow, fresh onions are potent.

When I have a large amount of San Marzano tomatoes, I like to slow roast them.  I cut them in half and toss them with a little olive oil then put them in my convection oven at 250F for a couple of hours.  As they roast, they slowly reduce down to a form  of concentrated tomato essence that is luscious.  Yesterday, I chopped some roasted tomatoes and used them to top homemade pizza along with some homemade pesto.  Yum.  Other times, I top the  roasted tomatoes with some salt, pepper, chopped garlic and maybe some herbs and just serve them as a side dish.  I’ve also tossed them with hot pasta and cheese for a quick dish.  Once roasted, they can be frozen and saved for later, too.

My serrano peppers are starting to be super productive and I’ve started putting baggies of them in the freezer.  Last year, I had so many peppers that I was just tossing mass quantities into bags and freezing them.  I used them all winter just as if they were fresh!

Tomorrow I’m attending a canning workshop.  I’ve done a little canning in the past but would like to know if I’m actually doing it right!

Roasting Tomatoes

Ready to go in the oven.


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