Those are Christmas ornaments

Last year, many of the tomatoes I grew showed evidence of bird damage; they had perfectly round holes smack in the middle of my lovely round fruit.  My plot neighbor Tricia told me about a folk remedy she’d heard of to ward off bird damage. She said that some people put red ornaments on their tomato plants at the time when they’ve developed green fruit.  Birds will visit the plants thinking they are going to have a snack.  They encounter the unyielding red balls and learn that these plants don’t produce anything edible. By the time the tomatoes turn red, the birds will have given up.  I have no idea if this will work, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to try.  But if it does work, will it only work for those particular plants that have ornaments? Or all of the plants in my plot? Or anybody else’s plants in the garden?

My early spring crop of leafy greens has been a great success. The bok choy is ridiculously large.  The Swiss chard grows gigantic new leaves every day. The spinach is finished but it was good while it lasted.

The onion sets that I planted more than a year ago have finally yielded some great big onions! The sugar snap peas make for a very tasty snack when we’re working in the plot.  The parsley and basil have really started to produce a lot of new growth.  I have lots of green tomatoes; we were able to harvest one ripe Sungold cherry tomato. Steve and I each had a bite and it was delicious.

I have even planted some annual flowers for a little garden color. I’ve probably over-planted the plot and things will start to squeeze each other out. That’s okay with me. Survival of the fittest, I say.

Tomato Ornament

It's an ornament.


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