Peppers & Birds

We went out to the garden at dusk about a week ago and spied a magnificent hawk perched on the southeast corner of the garden fence.  It didn’t budge until we opened the front gate and went inside. It flew down to the ground outside the east side of the garden.  I walked towards it from inside the fence and it flew off when it saw me approaching. At the same time, a very nervous flock of small birds exploded from the tall plants around the fence, giving me a start!  I knew it wasn’t a Red Tailed Hawk. I described it to Jason, our resident bird expert, and he suggested it was a Cooper’s Hawk. Sure enough, that’s exactly what it looked like.

This morning we went to work out in the garden, weeding and mulching the paths around our plot. A pair of hummingbirds was feeding on the the small red flowers in on of the children’s plots. Hummingbirds are a hoot to watch.  One of them tussled with a bright yellow butterfly and chased it off.

The cooler weather seems to have rejuvenated our pepper plants – serrano, jalapenos, hot anaheims, cayenne, and hungarian wax. I’ve been quick-pickling sliced hot peppers by the pint.  I alternately layer about a quarter cup sliced peppers with a tablespoon of kosher salt. When the jar is full, I pour in vinegar to cover and then just pop it in the fridge. In about a week, I’ve got lovely pickled hot peppers.   I need more recipe ideas for these. So far it’s been cheese omelets and quesadillas with minced peppers.

Hot peppers

Hot Peppers


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  1. Posted by TiffanyB on September 5, 2010 at 9:04 am

    Beautiful peppers Buffy — thanks so much for sharing with us. They’ll be going into jars of okra pickles tomorrow.


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