My tomatoes

So far, we’ve picked just a few lovely red ripe tomatoes, mostly the romas.  About half my tomatoes are suffering from blossom end rot.  I have purchased a product called Rot Stop which is a calcium solution applied directly to foliage.  It is supposed to give the plants enough of a calcium boost to prevent the rot.  We’ll see. I’ve applied it once and will do it again a week later.  I also talked to Linda Boyd this morning and she said that she often gets the rot on her early tomatoes but then it goes away later.  So, I have hope!  I also asked Linda about my one Cherokee Purple tomato plant. It is an heirloom variety and it should produce a beautiful and tasty fruit. Mine is a good looking plant but has produced only one tomato so far and it got eaten by something.  Linda says that the recent heat wave we had probably  prevented the plant from setting fruit.  Now that the temps are a little cooler, the situation should improve.

Yesterday, I made a lovely quinoa tabouli with some of our tomatoes and parsley.  I really like the taste of parsley and like it to dominate my tabouli. I also made a QUART OF PESTO from some of  our basil.   As I was cleaning the basil and stripping the leaves off of the stems, I was nearly overcome by the smell.

Today, I bought a cucumber and some mint from Linda and am going to make this salad. It’s one of my all time favorites:

chopped tomatoes
chopped cucumber
chopped shallots
minced mint and parsley
minced garlic
lime juice and olive oil

Toss it all together in whatever proportions you like.


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