We’re ready for our close up.

I always drive south on Bramlett when I’m heading to the garden.  As I approach the light at Jackson Ave., I find myself craning my neck to see if i can spot any gardeners at work.  I’m usually not disappointed.  A few folks were leaving as I got there this evening a little after 7. The sun was low and the temperature quite tolerable.  I watered the plot a bit,  just enough to chase the leaf hoppers off of my basil.  By the time  I finished, I had the whole garden to myself.  So I walked around and spied on everyone else’s plots and admired the work that was accomplished on Saturday’s work day.  Usually, I find myself concentrating on my own plot, trying to decipher if the plants have made any progress in the two days since my last visit.  Tonight, I really took in garden as a whole.  It is splendid.   I’m not just talking about how well everyone’s plants are progressing.  I mean the garden looks like a place that a lot of people have spend a considerable amount of time and effort to make into a thing of beauty.  Flowers and vegetables are growing, the paths are super tidy, the community harvest plots are productive. The plants that have taken a hit from pests and the few plots overgrown with weeds can’t detract from the beauty of the garden.

I think that we are going to make an excellent impression on visitors to our grand opening tomorrow.  We’ve got a lot to be proud of, so let’s show off!


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