Blossom End Rot, Squash Vine Borers, and Aspirating Insects

One of my roma tomatoes had a big ugly black hole in the end opposite the stem.  It looks like Blossom End Rot which is caused by not enough calcium.  Does anyone know if there is any lime in the garden shed? I’m hoping that side dressing with lime will prevent other tomatoes from going bad.

One of the plots has evidence of squash vine borers.  Frightening! The ugly little larvae are nestled in the stems at the base of the squash plant and can kill the plants super quick.  They need to be excised from the stems and killed!

I tried using an insect aspirator that Tiffany loaned me to suck pests off of plants.  I managed to suck up one cucumber beetle.  I think it would work best with slow witted insects! I had to chase the beetle all around my plot before I finally wore it out and was able to get close enough to suck it up.

Our basil is absolutely fantastic right now.  I picked a big bunch yesterday and made about 2 cups of pesto.  Yum!


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