I went to my happy place.

So. My day started with a bang at 2:30 this morning when my living room ceiling collapsed due to flooding in my upstairs bathroom.  After a couple of hours of panic and mayhem, there was no way I could go back to sleep.  Once everything settled down, I realized that I was actually suffering from shock! When the remediation men arrived, I just had to leave the house.  I needed a calm place to help soothe my frazzled nerves.   I headed out to the garden with no other objective in mind than serenity.

Joining the garden and having a plot was something that I wanted to do because I wanted to grow some tomatoes and because I liked the social aspect of it.  Today I found a new reason to love it.  Standing there, spraying the plot for 20 minutes or so was very meditative and peaceful.  I chatted with Thea about what’s growing.  Trey showed up and mentioned the work being done on his house because of recent flooding.  A little sunny mediation and camaraderie were  just the balm I needed.


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