I couldn’t help myself. When I went out to the garden for our workday on Tuesday, I noticed that one of the Amish Paste tomato plants that I had planted just a week ago was fruiting.  I shouted to everyone within earshot I HAVE A TOMATO I HAVE A TOMATO!!  It’s green, it’s small, but it is a tomato.  Since I am quite a nosy neighbor, I poked my nose into other plots and discovered that one of my nearest neighbors had a whole row of beautiful green tomatoes.  I mean BEAUTIFUL.

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Tuesday evening was time well spent in the garden and not just because of the tomato sightings.  We got some communal work done on the children’s plot area.  We met people we hadn’t met before who were out for the group work or to just work their own plots.  Tiffany commented to me that she hadn’t seen so many people out gardening at one time before.  It was just like what I pictured  when I thought of what a community garden would be like.

Garden critters are really starting to make themselves apparent.  A mouse was spotted running from a plot that was being cleared, cockroaches were rampant in the mulch we put down on the paths in the children’s area, and I spotted a ladybug beetle that seems to have just pupated; it was perched on one of  our serrano pepper plants.


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