Thankful for rain

I never thought I would be thankful to see a thunderstorm, but I was very happy to see the garden get the thorough watering that it needed. I think we had been 2 weeks without rain prior to Friday and it was getting very difficult to keep the plants properly watered.

I went out yesterday and planted a couple more tomatoes and pepper plants and some herbs.  I had 2 hot Anaheim chiles, 1 Sweet 100s cherry tomato, 1 purple Cherokee tomato and some basil, parsley and oregano.  It was very breezy and the top of the soil was already bone dry.  But as soon as I dug in, I could see that the soil was nicely moistened well below the surface.

I harvested some very nice lettuces that we had with supper.  Something is wrong with the spinach.  One plant had holes all over the leaves, but I couldn’t see any bugs.  The rest just aren’t growing.  Oh well. The lettuce made up for it.

As for tomatillos, the ones I started from seed are still very puny. And the Garden Center was out of tomatillos when we stopped in last Thursday.  Perhaps there will be some on their next shipment which should be available on Friday.


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  1. Posted by Tiffany B on April 26, 2010 at 11:34 am

    We laid down newsprint (lots available in the shed) and then leaves, which is helping to retard evaporation from the soil in our plot. In fact, we go out and water, but I think we need to be careful so that we don’t over-water and promote root rot. I’m repeating myself here, but I think it’s just been too warm for the kale, chard, spinach, radishes… or maybe they’re putting energy into root growth? There are a few exceptions, but in general, nobody’s cool weather stuff is growing a whole lot. :-{


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